Corporate Governance

Stay informed on issues affecting your overall business governance, and get sample documents, such as corporate bylaws, board meeting minutes, contracts, a risk management program template, and much more, or start your due diligence on a prospective client, business partner or vendor.

Security & Technology

Ensure your workplace, data, and intellectual property are safe and secure with practical tips, guides, and policies.

Human Resources

Discover everything you need to know about managing risk presented by employees, including having the right policies in place, and performing background checks.



WorkAnswers is the “one-stop” online resource to guide small to medium companies in successfully managing risk. By securing background checks and due diligence for important decisions such as hiring, business transactions, and vendor/client acceptance, WorkAnswers helps businesses significantly reduce the associated risk.

To protect your business even further, our award-winning business partner, Poms & Associates, is ready to handle insurance and other next-level risk management needs. For more information, visit:

Together, we’ll help you rest easy that your business is well-protected and secure.

WorkAnswers also offers many free resources on this website, specifically designed for your size of business. From corporate governance, HR, and data security, to a directory of exceptional service providers, WorkAnswers keeps a finger on the pulse of what smaller businesses need.

Our site is continuously evolving based on your ideas and input. Be sure to check back regularly to get all the latest in risk management and more for your business.

WorkAnswers is wholly-owned and operated by Scherzer International Corporation (“SI”), the premier background screening and due diligence provider to commercial and investment banks, private equity funds, and the largest law and public accounting firms in the world.


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