Corporate Governance

Stay informed on issues affecting your overall business governance, and get sample documents, such as corporate bylaws, board meeting minutes, contracts, a risk management program template, and much more, or start your due diligence on a prospective client, business partner or vendor.

Security & Technology

Ensure your workplace, data, and intellectual property are safe and secure with practical tips, guides, and policies.

Human Resources

Discover everything you need to know about managing risk presented by employees, including having the right policies in place, and performing background checks.


Scherzer International

Scherzer International (SI) has been providing specialized background screening reports since 1993. Our global clients include commercial and investment banks, private equity funds, and many of the largest law and public accounting firms in the world. With a distinct portfolio of scalable, purpose-specific reports for business transaction due diligence, client acceptance or continuation, employment and regulatory compliance, our services have proven essential for informed decisions and sustainable risk-management.

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