Corporate Governance

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Stay informed on issues affecting your overall business governance, and get sample documents, such as corporate bylaws, board meeting minutes, contracts, a risk management program template, and much more, or start your due diligence on a prospective client, business partner, or vendor.

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Financing Your Business

One of the most challenging decisions you have to make for your business—and one you’ll have to make again and again—is how to fund it while it grows.  Every business has expenses for equipment, inventory, staff, product development, technology, and real estate, yet few can completely finance their own needs.

The good news is there are many options—either debt financing (loans for you to pay your expenses), equity (selling a piece of your business in exchange for funds), or some combination of the two. The not-so-good news is the terrain can be complex and risky. Here we’ll cover the range of options and discuss the pros and cons of each. [more]

Corporate Governance Library

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